Choice Student Chromebooks

Information about Chromebooks for those in Choice Program

The state of Wisconsin manages three separate programs that allow eligible students to attend a participating private school. The private school, on behalf of the pupil’s parent or guardian, receives a state aid payment for each eligible student. The three private school choice programs (Choice) are the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP), Racine Parental Choice Program (RPCP), and Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP).

If a student is attending Shoreland Lutheran High School through one of these three programs, that student is entitled to receive a Chromebook to use while at Shoreland at no cost. The Chromebook will remain Shoreland’s property and will need to be returned during summer breaks and when the student either graduates or ceases to be enrolled at Shoreland.

Shoreland will maintain the Chromebook through normal use. If the Chromebook is damaged due to misuse or neglect, the student will be responsible for repair costs.

Shoreland owned Chromebooks need to remain in a protective case at all times, even while being used. Students with Shoreland-owned Chromebooks who are found to have removed the Chromebook from its protective case will be charged a $5 fine. Repeated offenses may result in the Chromebook being confiscated and the student being required to purchase a replacement on their own.

For the following reasons, we would suggest a student purchase their own Chromebook instead of using one owned by Shoreland:

  • While the Chromebook Shoreland provides is adequate, the student may want and benefit from extra features and upgrades, such as more RAM, a faster processor, a bigger screen, a touchscreen, etc.
  • The Chromebook remains Shoreland’s property and needs to be returned if the student leaves Shoreland or graduates.
  • The Chromebook needs to be returned during summer break, potentially leaving the student without a computer during the summer months.

Chromebooks for Choice students are handed out at either of the two Orientation nights in August.