Shoreland History

Shoreland Lutheran High School’s roots date back as far as 1921 when Friedens Evangelical Church in Kenosha added a 9th grade to their elementary school program. The 9th grade courses eventually were discontinued in the late 1920’s when the Great Depression impacted the number of students that attended. Members of Friedens continued to look for ways to offer a Christ-centered secondary education. Including a partnership with congregations in starting Racine Lutheran High School.

In 1971 a resolution was passed by Friedens to add 9th and 10th grades with 11th and 12th to follow in successive years. The cost would be shared by the four Kenosha congregations, Friedens, Mt. Zion, Bethany and St. Luke’s. They named the school Shoreland Lutheran High School. Students attended classes at both Friedens Lutheran School and the educational wing at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church for several years. The year 1974 marked Shoreland’s first graduating class which consisted of 10 girls. After outgrowing the buildings in Kenosha, a dedicated group of individuals worked to develop property in Somers that had been donated by a member of the Frieden’s congregation. Construction on the new school began in 1978 after securing a $70,000 loan for the project. Classes began in the new building in the fall of 1979.

Today, a federation of 19 Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod Churches join forces to operate a high school that is committed to offering premier programs in a Christ-centered environment. The Lord has guided the leaders of the school through two major building projects, one in 1997 and another in 2014. By God’s marvelous Grace, more than 2,800 young men and women have earned diplomas at Shoreland Lutheran High School.

Over the course of 50 years, course offerings and facilities have expanded to meet the needs of current students. The staff has changed as well but Shoreland Lutheran High School has always and will always center all things around the cross of Christ and His marvelous love.


Shawn Seipler

Alum; CEO - Clean the World

A lot of the reasons I do what I do today – and why I am who I am today – are because of Shoreland. What I learned there spiritually, mentally, physically…I learned how to be a winner, how to deal with losses, and how to work hard. Read more